Management Focus

Dr Szilard Hamvas

Hertfordshire Partnerhsip NHS Foundation Trust

CMI Level 5 Leadership and management course.

The course helped me to understand the concept of leadership and management, understand the role of a medical doctor as a potential leader.

We learnt a lot about different types of leadership and how one can apply this knowledge in the everyday practice.

On the personal level the course helped me to identify my leadership style, highlighted my strengths and weaknesses and showed me the opportunities of development.

The course also helped me to get some idea about how to create a business plan, and how you can meet stakeholders need.

The whole program is very personal and practical, and the theoretical knowledge was nicely blended with empirical experience gained from past or in the here and now.

The lecturer personality is very empowering and put you in the mental state when you can hardly wait to try your freshly acquired knowledge in your everyday practice.

I have became more aware what I do, how I do, furthermore I started recognising  leadership style of others.

This self awareness gave me the opportunity to control difficult and challenging situation and armed me against being a victim of this situation. I become more confident who sees opportunity in changes and happy to face challenges

Deborah Parkinson

BAE Systems Plc

For the past two years I have been studying with Management Focus in varied courses including the CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management in Coaching and Mentoring.  I found the training experience very “thrilling and challenging”. The trainer Alia Taub had grasped my learning styles swiftly and assisted me to overcome my weaknesses by channelling them into strengths. This had allowed me to adapt to a new learning approach.  From this experience with the Level 5, I am now studying for the Diploma in Level 7 CMI Leadership in Coaching and Mentoring and once again with Management Focus.


It has been a great pleasure to study and to realise my potential whilst being a student with Management Focus. 



Pete Pealing

Community Partnerships Manager
Peaks and Plains Housing Trust

I would also like to say a big thanks to you Alia for making the two days a really enjoyable experience. The techniques you used and the way you encouraged the group to participate provoked all of us, certainly me anyway to think about the way we act as managers. You ensured that the both sessions were delivered at a comfortable pace whist still keeping everyone's attention and interest throughout. You also made me give serious thought to want to study level 5, thank you

Lulu Gravergaard

LL.M and Cand.Jur.
National Policing Improvement Agency

did the CMI Management & Leadership Diploma and it is the best course I have ever been on. This is in no small measure down to the Trainer's professionalism, knowledge and expertise which made all the delegates feel comfortable and hence apply 100% towards the course. Within 6 months of completing and passing the course, I got a new, more senior and better paid job!

Mr Bryan Pearce BSc (Hons) MCIH

London Fire Brigade
Senior Programme Manager

I recently attended training for Level 4 CMI Diploma in Management from Management Focus. The content was very well presented with a mixture of theory and practical experience, which were successfully combined into a well rounded learning experience. The facilities on site were great and the staff, professional and dedicated, as was my tutor Alia. I would certainly recommend this to any aspiring or existing manager seeking a self development opportunity.

Angela Small

Area Manager, Lambeth Harbour and LATCH House

The CMI level 5 Diploma in management course has enabled me to build on my confidence to deliver presentations, both internally and externally of my organisation. The useful tips and constant opportunities to carry out presentations worked as a mirror for my personal development. The feedback I received from the CMI trainers and my peers enabled me to grow and trust my ability in being a competent manager and leader

John Jolly

CEO, Blenheim CDP

Our investment in this course has been more than justified. The increased competence and confidence of our newly qualified managers has already exceeded my expectations. Their commitment to continuous professional development and Blenheim CDP is commendable and this course and Management Focus' professionalism had a huge role to play in this.

Karen Dawsa

Hammersmith and Fulham Council

I work for Hammersmith & Fulham Council and Management Focus delivered Interview Skills Training at the Lilla Husset.

I have some good news! I got the promotion job!!!!!

After taking note of the advice and tips given by the trainer, I just prepared by practising interview questions with family and friends! The interview was really daunting at first as there were four interviewees, all of which I knew! But once the first couple of questions were asked, it started to make me feel at ease and I got into the swing of it!

Anyway, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for all of the positve mental attitude you gave me and such excellent interview skills training! I now feel should I have an interview again, I'll be ready!

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